Authorization for the EngineeringPortal

External Partners

Employees of suppliers / partner companies can apply for access to the EngineeringPortal via the Daimler Supplier Portal. A Daimler supplier number is required for the registration.

>Daimler Supplier Portal

Information about the registriation process is available >here

A temporary supplier number can be created for companies without Daimler supplier number (e.g. sub-suppliers / joint venture suppliers). For this purpose, please ask your contact person at Daimler AG with reference that further information is available within the internal EngineeringPortal (under 'Registration' --> 'Supplier authorization').

Internal Employees

Daimler employees can apply for access to the EngineeringPortal on the Intranet and start it from the Intranet after the activation.

Basic functionality of theEngineeringPortal

With the authorization for the EngineeringPortal, you're automatically authorized for the EngineeringService, providing extensive information about the CAx / EDM environment. We would like to ensure a trouble-free cooperation by providing extensive information. The basic functionality of the EngineeringPortal (Engineering Service) is free of charge. In addition to the Engineering Service, EngP applications are provided at the supplier’s expense. We would be pleased to welcome you as a user of the EngineeringPortal.

Applying for system acess

After the login to the EngineeringPortal, you'll find the link "User registration to an application", where information about further applications is available as well as the possibility to apply for them.



Login Information
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